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— Jehovah Kol-Harets

“The LORD of the whole earth”

(Psa. 97:5; Mic. 4:13; Zech. 4:14)


The full force of this name of the Lord simply cannot be understood unless your heart is full of the ways of the Lord with His people, composed with indelible ink through the pages of Redemptive History. Notwithstanding, in this name we find the emblazoned testimony and theme of the “New Song”, thematically introduced in the former psalm (to the one referenced above): Psa. 96:1, “O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.” This is impressive indeed! From Psa. 95, a thoroughly Jewish song, in regards to the elements which are therein contained, specifically concerning the Exodus Generation, to whom the ways and acts of God displayed then, wrought effectually to the salvation of that generation — though, alas, they forgot His ways! — and by which their children persevered… And yet moving into Psa. 96, a new song is being sung, even one which shall extend the borders of national Israel, and be be heard ringing even from the isles of the sea — in all the earth (Isa. 24:15)!


This is the significance of “The New Song”, and herein is the staggering vision truly perceived of “The LORD of the whole earth” (i.e. Jehovah Kol-Harets)! There will one day be such mighty deeds of the Lord shown forth in all the earth, yea, even from the very heavens — in the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ — which will prostrate all survivors into worldwide admiration and renown for a millennium!